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We are making it very simple for you!

If you have a registered domain name, You only have to pay the initial setup and development fees of NZ Dollar 790 + GST so that we can start building your website.

We can create a website of up to 5 pages with max 7 images on each page. You will have to,

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affordable website

Choose a Domain Name (In case you still don't have one).We charge $48 per domain if we have to purchase a domain for you.

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Select the web design from our collection.

website development

Provide as information about your special business, logo, preferred colors or any other special requirements including any extra services that you might need. please check our Add-Ons page or ask us and we can suggest based on your business requirement.

website design company auckland

Based on your requirements we can provide you the estimated cost (In case if this is above the offer price stated (NZ Dollar 790 + GST ).

This cost is calculated based on the charges $30 per hour, 20 hours of development cost and a project co-ordination time of 6 hours. Co- ordination include drafting and sending emails of approximate 20 Minutes per email. Max of 20 emails per project.

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Send us your Content. Content we will use based on what is provided by you. We have a approximate idea if the hours required for the work. If you need changes /re-work, we can do it as long as it is within the time that we could allocate for the work. If the effort needs more time, then it will be billed to you based on the extra time taken.

Rework in website development is the additional effort of redoing a process or activity that was incorrectly implemented (free of cost to do) in the first instance or due to changes in requirements (chargeable to the client based on efforts) from clients.

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Make Payment.

(Please note that the price is based on the features that we are providing and our estimation of our effort required to provide them, and the associated costs for us. If there are extra requirements or continuous changes, we are ready to do them as long as it could be delivered within our feasible cost. If the costs exceeds due to extra requirements, then this will be communicated and billed separately. Some of these extra requirements can include but not limited to extra pages, extra functionality, special image design etc )

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We will build the site according to your requirements, incorporating your feedback and suggestions. The project duration will be maximum of 1 month for the client to review the work, suggest changes etc. Since this is a highly optimized cost, we have a limit on the hours that we can spend on the work. So, any changes beyond 1 month or 30 days from starting date or efforts exceeds which is mentioned in point number (4) above will be billable as extra work done.

web hosting

Once the website is ready we will start billing you NZ Dollar 25 + GST per month for hosting and maintenance. This is a special offer price valid for 1 year of hosting with us

website maintenance

Please note that, as part of our initial offer, we will provide you up to 2 hours of work including modifications if necessary in the first 12 months of hosting!

What you will get at this price

The website will be implemented with the text and images provided by you or free images selected by us. Up to 5 pages per website with maximum of 7 images per page

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The pages could be

  1. Home page
  2. Service page
  3. Portfolio page
  4. About us page/or any other page
  5. Contact us page with contact form ( Email configured to given email id)

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