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In order to develop your website, we will require some information from you. Here is a checklist of important information that you will have to collect or provide us so that we can roll out your website at the earliest. Please go through. As always, call us or send us an email if you require any clarification from our side or need help in selecting the best options from you..


Domain name not registered ?

You can either do it on your own or can contact us and we can do it for you. Please note that, you will have the ownership of your domain name.


You already have a domain name ?

You will have to provide us the domain registrar’s login details so we can update your nameservers and point your domain name to your new hosting account.


Do you have a logo ?

If you already have a logo, you might want to include it in your website. Please provide us a good quality logo file in .png or .jpeg format.


You don’t have a logo ?

A well designed logo is highly important for brand building. We have attractive offers for creating a logo. Contact us to know more.


Do you have any color preference/ brand colors ?

If you have any color preference, let us know. We design your site by using the color/color combinations.


Provide us keywords that describe your business.

Your website should not only be attractive, it should also appear in the search result of your potential clients when the search for your products or services. Ideally, these should be words or phrases the searchers enter into the search engines. Provide us with a list of possible words that they might use to search for the products or services that you sell. We will provide you a basic optimization of your website for the search engines. For advanced, SEO strategies and

plans contact us.


Links and content

If you have any preferred names for links on the website please inform us. Apart from that, we will also require content for the pages. You can start preparing them after we start the work as well. In case, you need help from us for the content preparation, please let us know.

Content : Content means your website include information about your product or services in different format like text, images, videos, pdf files..etc. We create effective content in different format. .Please note that the website package mentioned in this website include only content implementations.



Send us the preferred email address that you want us to use on the website. It could be a personal email address or something taken in the company’s name.

Send us the preferred email address that you want us to use on the website. It could be a personal email address or something taken in the company’s name.

Now, if you require a new email address, we can provide you based on the domain name. For charges please refer to the Add-ons page. We can also set up email accounts for you that are managed by Google Business Accounts. Let us know your preference.


Contact Details 

Please send us your business

  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Office/Shop address
  • Business timings



Social media links

Send us the links to your social media pages such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, You Tube etc. We can add them to the website.



Not present in social media ?

Depending on the type of business, social media presence is essential these days. Especially post covid, there is a spike in the time spent by users on social media and it is important to reach out to them. Let us know and we are here to help with attractive offers at the moment! 


Do you have the right materials for marketing/promotions ?

Let's not get technical! Create up-to-date designs without writing a single line of code. Build clean websites.


Want help with advertising your company’s services ?

No more buffering - create, style and enjoy. Our user interface was built on React - the most efficient library.

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